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Griff Pays It forward

karen and ian
Karen and Ian

Griff Pays It Forward!

My mom loves the concept of paying things forward. I didn't exactly know what that meant until I put it in the perspective of my own life. It's a way of saying thank you and of giving someone else a helping hand.

My friend, Karen, is my second mom. She's beautiful inside and out and she understands me. Karen and her husband, Ian, are pet sitters who take care of dogs (including me) in their home. You'll meet them when you read my book. I love them both with my whole heart, which isn't something that happens to me every day. They are just all that.

Karen is fighting hard against a very nasty and aggressive cancer. It's taking all that she has physically and all that they have financially. Ian is her biggest cheerleader and her rock. I realized that I could help them the way that they've helped me.

Mom and I are going to donate $1 for every book sold to help pay Karen's astronomical medical bills. I appreciate your participation and your support so much. I'll be pleased to autograph your book and you can smile and know that you've helped to pay it forward.

Thank you very much.



Palm Springs Griff
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If Griff's story touches your heart and you're drawn to his cute look, then Griff and his mom invite you to check out the National Brussels Griffon Rescue website. There are so many Griffons waiting for wonderful homes. Tell 'em Griff sent you.
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